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The Peace Project

The Peace Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending hatred through change-making communications aimed at perpetrators, bystanders and victims of identity based violence. The organization was originally founded in 2017 to counter the spread of domestic terror through social media. Since then, we’ve broadened our understanding of how we can use media to enact cultural shifts in perspective – for good.

We collaborate with human rights organizations, researchers, policymakers, cultural and religious figures, digital strategists, influencers and media producers to bring awareness to different forms of identity based violence. We aim to develop and coordinate socially aware individuals and provide them with resources and tools to engage in a proactive campaign against injustice.

Peace in Action

Learn about dehumanization, how it's perpetuated, and what we can do it stop it.

Our Projects

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The Hate Free Initiative

Hate group recruitment and propaganda tactics have easily adapted to online platforms. These groups seek to attract lonely, angry people by offering a sense of belonging.

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The Uyghur Initiative

Visibility is the first step to acknowledgement. We work to ally with other marginalized groups to develop understanding and solidarity, encourage youth involvement, and create

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